I have learned we can do anything, but we can’t do everything. So how can one succeed, where we all want everything and all at the same time? The key is to allow yourself to prioritize wisely. Now many a times I find myself juggling a lot of things at the same time, be it my career solutions or love relations, creative skills or personal development activities which of course include having some fun once in a while. And as a result I often find myself going out of order and messing up everything as usual. Anyhow I don’t want to get deep into my list of mishaps so coming back on priorities; here I would like to share the famous short tale of “the empty pickle jar” from “stress is choice” by David Zerfos

The story starts with a professor standing before his class having an empty pickle jar in hand and placing several other small things on the table. Then one by one he starts picking those things up and proceeds to fill the jar. First he fills the jar with the golf balls; and asks the students is the jar full? The students reply yes, it is. So the professor chooses a box of small pebbles and drops them into the jar, and to everyone’s surprise the pebbles easily fills the space left between the golf balls. Again he questions is the jar full now? And again the students reply “Yes”. Next he poured a box full of sand which was smooth enough to fill everything else. What you think now, says the professor is the jar full? And this time all the students collectively said “yes”. Finally, the professor poured two glass of chocolate milk which covered all the empty space left between the sand.

All the students started laughing and after a while the professor began to explain the whole eye opening situation. Here THE EMPTY PICKLE JAR acts in place of your LIFE where “The golf balls” are some of the most meaningful aspects such as your family, your friends, children, your health, your favourite passions and all those things without which your life seems to be incomplete.

“Pebbles” are the things that matter on the secondary basis like your peaceful job, your dream home, your limited edition car, etc.

“The sand” it’s everything else…small stuffs like cleaning the house, fixing the disposals and what not.

Now if you put the sand instead of golf balls, then you will find no room for things you should be doing or the things that make you happy. Playing with my two year old niece, listening to my favourite playlist from 90’s, partying with friends, dining with family etc are some of my priorities which makes me feel alive. And it’s high time you stop sweating on the small stuffs; I am sure you will always find time to perform them as well.

Hey wait a minute, didn’t you realize the professor have forgotten something? Yah! What about the chocolate milk?

Well if we don’t spare chocolate milk, how can you expect the jar to spare? Jokes apart “No matter how stuffed everything seems to be, chocolate milk has the tendency to make its own way.”

So “Take care of the things that really matter. Set your priorities and the rest will follow.”

I hope you enjoyed reading…Keep watching this space for more write ups.

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  1. i desperately needed this kind of motivation! thanks Deepali

    Liked by 1 person

    1. anytime rahul, keep commenting…. your comments are valuable to me 🙂


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